Offsite Framing Solutions

Offsite Framing Process

We're focused on being as easy to integrate as humanly possible. Part of how we do this is by providing our builder and GC customers a turn-key package that includes your entire rough carpentry scope of work. Our expert team will take your existing designs, translate them into a fabrication model that works with our technology, panelize your building components in our factory and assemble them onsite. What we turn over to you is a completely weather-tight structure, ready for your finishes. Navigate through the above graphic to learn more.

Fabrication modeling

Every project starts with a detailed digital fabrication model that drives all aspects of our production process. This phase of the process starts by translating the design model into a 3-D digital twin. We use this model to generate everything from an automated bill of materials, to shop drawings, machine files and digital work instructions.

We enable an easier process for our builders

Once construction begins on site, you will be working directly with your general contractor for the duration of the construction process. Site work time varies by project but for single family homes, expect 3-6 weeks from breaking ground to frame start.

Framing & Fabrication

Your project is transmitted digitally to our factory floor for precise fabrication using our unique panelized building system. Factory assembly time can range from a few hours (for a small cottage or ADU) to a few weeks (for a large multi-family project). Our approach collapses your schedule while maintaining quality-it is simply a better way to frame.

Finishing Work

After Simple Homes framing installation is complete, your contractor will have a dried-in building shell ready to receive exterior and interior finish work.