Our process

Designed online, Factory crafted, built fast.

how we build

Implementing methods inspired by Swedish offsite-construction to achieve our mission:

better homes for all.

Through technology-enabled design, we produce beautifully-crafted and sustainably-made homes more efficiently—reducing waste in materials and time, making homes more attainable for all.

how it's done

Designed online.

It all starts with a vision. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-go structure for the quickest installation or you’ve got something more unique in mind, we’ll help you design just the product you need.

Factory crafted.

We build what's right for you. In our Denver factory, we carefully fabricate custom wall panels with exterior cladding, windows and doors, insulation, and rough-in plumbing and electrical pre-installed—delivering the work of framing subcontractors at a level of accuracy and efficiency that simply can’t be achieved onsite.

Built fast.

We get to work with the heavy-lifting. Our highly trained team rapidly assembles these panels onsite at the location of your project in 1-3 days, and the rest of the finish work is completed by our builder partners.

The result? You move in faster—up to 60% faster than is possible with traditional construction. From start to finish, our homes can be delivered in as little as 1 month.

Example construction timeline

What to expect

You design your home online
Once you have designed your home online, our team works with you to work through the details (final finishes, project timeline/management, financing, etc.)
We craft your home in our factory
Your home is crafted in our factory while your foundation is being prepared.
We assemble your home on site
Your home is assembled on-site in 1-3 days.
Your builder completes finish work
Finish work is completed over 1-2 months by our partner builders, depending on project size/scope
Design time
2-4 weeks (does not include permitting & approvals)
Factory construction
1 - 2 weeks
On-site delivery
1-3 days
Total construction time
1-3 months (50-60% faster than traditional construction)
Perfection. dedication.

Architectural Perfection for every Project

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Beautifully Designed
100% Dedicated
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Partners for life
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