Our process

Designed online, Factory crafted, built fast.

how we build

Designed online.

We are developing a number of standard plans that are designed to fit a variety of sites. These designs are fully customizable using our unique configurator platform, developed by our partners at Creatomus, allowing you to create a unique home that is all your own. 

Our standard designs are all optimized for our European-inspired off-site construction process - enabling efficient (and affordable) production, while allowing plenty of room for personalization. 

We will be launching additional standardized designs over the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

Don't see what you're looking for online? We also offer custom home options. Contact us at info@simplehomesco.com for more details.

Factory crafted.

All of our homes are manufactured in our factory by skilled craftsman using the latest European construction technology. Our unique Swedish inspired wall panels leave the factory with siding, windows/doors, insulation, and rough-in electrical/plumbing pre-installed. Some rooms - like bathrooms and mechanical rooms - can also be fully pre-assembled in the factory and dropped into place rapidly on-site.

Why build in a factory? Factory production allows us to build houses faster while achieving higher levels of quality and precision than traditional on-site construction. It also allows us to deliver higher quality homes at a lower cost than what is possible today.

Built fast.

On-site delivery and assembly are completed in 1-3 days by our trained team and a crane operator. Finish work is then completed by one of our partner builders over the next 1-3 months, depending on the size and scope of the project. By creating a weather tight envelope much faster,  finish work can begin much earlier.

The result? You move in faster - up to 60% faster than traditional construction. No more waiting 6-9 months for your new home to be completed. Start to finish, our homes can be delivered in as little as 1 month.

Example construction timeline

What to expect

You design your home online
Once you have designed your home online, our team works with you to work through the details (final finishes, project timeline/management, financing, etc.)
We craft your home in our factory
Your home is crafted in our factory while your foundation is being prepared.
We assemble your home on site
Your home is assembled on-site in 1-3 days.
Your builder completes finish work
Finish work is completed over 1-2 months by our partner builders, depending on project size/scope
Design time
2-4 weeks (does not include permitting & approvals)
Factory construction
1 - 2 weeks
On-site delivery
1-3 days
Total construction time
1-3 months (50-60% faster than traditional construction)
Perfection. dedication.

Architectural Perfection for every Project

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