About Us

Our Mission: Simply Building Better

We help developers and builders craft better homes through design, technology, and proven Swedish-inspired panelized off-site construction. Our building system exemplifies the future of panelized construction delivering real results for our developer and builder customers

Why build with us?

  • Time: Schedule compression compared to traditional on-site framing methods
  • Quality: Quality is built into our process - leading to fewer on-site issues, higher inspection pass rates, and less on-site management required
  • Simplicity: We use technology to improve collaboration and coordination– and help simplify our customers’ lives
  • Proactivity: We catch and identify problems before we get to the job site
  • Sustainability: Material optimization and pre-construction planning means key material consumption is reduced by as much as 15%
Build day photos. Prefabricated walls being assembled on site.

Our Core Values

Customer Centric

Creative Solutions

Humble Excellence

Empowering Our Team


Who we are

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Simple Homes team is tied together by a shared passion for building better and eliminating waste in the homebuilding industry. United by a shared belief that there must be a way to build better, our team ultimately stumbled upon a working case study for what building better actually looks like - Sweden. Whereas U.S. builders have tried for years to adopt more efficient off-site construction methods, Swedish builders have been doing it for decades, with over 90% of Swedish residential construction built in factories.

Wood and steel. The kitchen in one of our completed laneway cottage models.

Today we're using design, technology, and Swedish-inspired panelized off-site construction to help folks build better houses and eliminate waste in the homebuilding industry. We're working with a number of the leading builders and developers in Colorado, and look forward to scaling our impact over the coming years.

Our Founders


The Simple Homes way


Factory built = precision built.

By using technology and a factory-controlled process, our skilled carpenters achieve a level of precision and quality that is simply not possible with traditional on-site framing methods.


Quite simply, the fastest way to

Our projects are weather-tight in days - not weeks - enabling a 75-90% reduction in framing time and increased schedule flexibility. You're not going to find a faster way to frame.


Be confident in your costs and

We deliver all of our projects at a competitive fixed cost and on a defined schedule - meaning less variability and easier project planning.


We hate job site dumpsters (and
waste generally).

Our digital fabrication models and material optimization algorithms allow us to reduce the amount of wasted material in the framing process by up to 15%.

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