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Garage Apartment

Interested in building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), but afraid to lose parking? Our Garage Apartment model is designed for you. Featuring a thoughtfully-designed ~300sf one bedroom apartment above a two-car garage, this ADU provides the best of both worlds.

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An efficient design that maximizes usability and livability.

Our garage apartment model is thoughtfully
designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Downstairs is a compact two-car
garage with available electric car charging station. Upstairs is an efficient 335sf one-bedroom apartment that is perfect for visiting family members,
AirBnB guests, or a use as a long-term rental.

Everything you need - included.

Our standard models include everything you need. Select features include:

  • Kitchens: all homes come with a full suite of name-brand kitchen appliances and Ikea cabinet boxes - providing a high-end look and feel at an affordable price
  • HVAC: Mitsubishi mini-split systems keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low
  • Windows and doors: high-quality Energy Star certified Pella and Anderson windows that are built to last

Designed to be built just about anywhere.

The Garage Apartment is designed to fit just about anywhere - from the narrowest of urban lots (including 25' wide Denver city lots) to rural Colorado. Contact us to discuss your specific site.

Design by Carrie Barron Architect

Home type
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU)
Square feet
450sf garage, 335sf living space
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Two car

Floor plans

Find a design that works for you.

Looking for something a little different? Get in touch - our building system allows us to modify our stock plans to best fit your specific site.

Looking for something a little different? Get in touch - our building system allows us to modify our stock plans to best fit your specific site.

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ultra-efficient, beautiful, and built to last. Select providers include:
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