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simply better

Our mission:
better homes for all.

Founded in 2019, Simple Homes' mission is to increase access to extraordinary housing through technology-enabled design and Swedish-inspired off-site construction. 

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we design, manufacture and assemble high performance homes across Colorado. Our panels are delivered with varying levels of finish depending on customer needs. Panels are manufactured with exterior cladding, windows/doors, insulation, and rough-in plumbing and electrical pre-installed. These panels are then assembled rapidly on-site by our highly trained team. Finish work is completed by our builder partners (L&D Construction in Metro Denver)

Our vision is to bring the best of Swedish off-site construction technology to the United States. Swedish builders have been building off-site for decades - producing beautiful, sustainable, attainable homes more efficiently and in a fraction of the time. We believe it is a working case study for how to build better.

Ultimately, our goal is the same as other pioneers in the industry: houses that are built better, built faster, and more affordable than what is possible today.

Stay tuned. There is much more to come.

Founding Team

Jeff Hopfenbeck

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Simple Homes. A lifelong architecture & construction geek. Jeff is passionate about using technology to solve our nation's housing affordability crisis.

David Schultz

David is the co-founder and COO of Simple Homes. He brings over 10 years of experience as a builder of quality infill projects in Denver and a passion for building high-performance homes.

John Schwarz

John Schwarz, AIA, leads architecture and engineering at Simple Homes. He is an industry-recognized leader in BIM/VDC and brings over 13 years of experience to the team.

Our Timeline

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Created Simple Homes Design
First Day Build
The Cottage Home is prototyped
First Sale!
Victorian Awards
Alvar Aalto Medal

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