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Based in Denver, Colorado, the Simple Homes team is tied together by a shared passion for building better and eliminating waste in the homebuilding industry.

Company CEO, Jeff Hopfenbeck, has always had a love for houses and grew up wanting to become an architect. After a career path that has spanned a variety of fields, including philanthropy, investing, and management consulting, he has finally realized his dream of building houses for a living. Jeff brings to our team deep passion for innovation, technology, and a burning desire to help solve the nation's housing crisis.

David Schultz serves as our COO. He’s an experienced homebuilder, having spent over 13 years in the industry after growing up in a family of builders. David is our resident building science nerd, and is someone who is laser-focused on the details that create high-performance and long-lasting homes.

John Schwarz, our Chief Design Officer, rounds out our founding team team, and brings extensive knowledge of architectural design, BIM, and VDC to the table. A licensed architect, John has worked on projects big and small over his 13 year career, including hospitals, schools, museums, and of course single family homes. John loves finding ways to integrate the latest and greatest architectural technologies into the building industry.

United by a shared belief that there must be a way to build better, our team ultimately stumbled upon a working case study for what building better actually looks like - Sweden. Whereas U.S. builders have tried for years to adopt more efficient off-site construction methods, Swedish builders have been doing it for decades, with over 90% of Swedish residential construction built in factories.

Today we're using design, technology, and Swedish-inspired panelized off-site construction to help folks build better houses and eliminate waste in the homebuilding industry. We're working with a number of the leading builders and developers in Colorado, and look forward to scaling our impact over the coming years.

Who We Are & Where We Came From

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Simple Homes team is tied together by a shared passion for building better. Led by our company’s three co-founders, the team’s diverse backgrounds are a vital aspect in how they make the dream work.

Company CEO, Jeff Hopfenbeck, has always had a love for houses and grew up wanting to become an architect. But for the earlier part of his professional life, he ended up working in a range of roles across philanthropy, impact investing, and management consulting. It’s the meaningful time he’s spent in these endeavors that have helped him to become the leader he is today.

Caring strongly about building attainable high-performance buildings, David Schultz serves as our COO. He’s a well-seasoned builder with 13 years of industry experience and a long line of family history in construction behind him.

John Schwarz, our Chief Design Officer, rounds out our leadership team of three, bringing extensive knowledge in architectural design and BIM/VDC to the table. In his time in the field, he’s worked to integrate a variety of architectural technologies in the commercial construction industry.

Seeing a field that was ripe for disruption, outward thinking led the team to stumble upon the practice of off-site home building in Sweden. When they finally traveled to the land of crafted builders and scandi-chic aesthetic together, they immediately knew that what they were experiencing was a working case study for how we could build better.

Where We're Going

Fueled by a dream to solve our nation’s housing affordability crisis and the drive to do so, Simple Homes is now changing the way we build houses here in the United States.

With professional and personal passions for well-built homes, our team draws up inspirations in foreign practices and technological advancements to streamline the building process. From ready-to-go standard issues to unique projects, the benefits of our off-site construction technique are tangible and numerous.

With exceptional craftsmanship, attainability, and efficiency at the forefront of our values, Simple Homes is building faster, building leaner, and building better.

Our founders

Jeff Hopfenbeck

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Simple Homes. A lifelong architecture & construction geek. Jeff is passionate about using technology to solve our nation's housing affordability crisis.

David Schultz

David is the co-founder and COO of Simple Homes. He brings over 10 years of experience as a builder of quality infill projects in Denver and a passion for building high-performance homes.

John Schwarz

John Schwarz, AIA, leads architecture and engineering at Simple Homes. He is an industry-recognized leader in BIM/VDC and brings over 13 years of experience to the team.

Our Timeline

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Victorian Awards
Alvar Aalto Medal

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